Investment Account

We specialize in consumer finance products targeted at the low-middle class consumer segmented market of salaried and self-employed individuals.

The Investment Loan Note (ILN) is a product developed and operated by us for our clients, for the purpose of expanding and growing the business and with the multi-purpose aim of enabling investors access a stable and consistent yield on their investment of up to 20% p.a


Easy view of returns on investments

You tell us what you prefer, physical or digital copies of your portfolio on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Easy on boarding process

Call us on  0700 3346 2623  to discuss your needs, whether you want a long term investment or a short term savings for a specific need we will give you an answer on the spot

Easy liquidation on access.

We liquidate (give you back) your investment on request no questions asked. We only ask that you give a minimum of 72 working hours to enable us fulfill the terms of our agreement with our partners.

High returns on investments

We are able to give you higher returns on your investment in relation to traditional commercial financial institutions because of our monthly returns model on our loans. Our higher yield investments are tied to our high risk loans which are priced higher than the lower risk loans in commercial institution

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